This blog is open to all students of Medical College,Kolkata for discussion on the upcoming Rhapsody-2007.Ideas,rants,raves,anything,are welcome.Please feel free to comment.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Rhapsody 2007



11th to 14th September, 2007

Venue: College Campus, Medical College Kolkata

11 September, 2007:

1. Inauguration
2. Colors of India
3. Hindi Antakshari
4. Scientific Paper Presentation- on the topic ‘Vertigo’
5. Pre-clinical Quiz
6. Guest Performance-Insomnia

12 September, 2007:

1. Presentation speech on AIDS
2. Seminar on AIDS by current students- ‘AIDS and Society’
3. Choreography
4. Medley
5. Guest Performance-Fossils

13 September, 2007:

1. Battle of Bands
2. Treasure Hunt
3. Medi-quiz
4. English Debate
5. Guest Performance-Lakkhichhara

14 September, 2007:

1. General Quiz
2. Eastern and Western Solo
3. Made for Each Other
4. DJ Nite-DJ Ritzz

The Inter-College Events, namely
• Choreography
• Battle of Bands
• English Debate
• General Quiz
• Eastern and Western Solo
are open to all.

Participation is requested.

The seminar on ‘AIDS and Society’ is for participation of medical students of 4th year and above from any Medical College.

Everyone is invited to the 61st anniversary of RHAPSODY!!!